kin.DREAD is a memoir of sorts. It is the story - as told by and about the author, Ayokunle Falomo - of a life examined through the lens of kinship and dread. What is investigated and shared about family, culture, heritage, spirituality, sexuality, origin, and the journey towards personhood reveals an intersection between the two concepts.


My works give a portrait of a writer who is undaunted, someone who is not afraid to delve into the darkness of our stories, but that is only partly the truth. The truth is this: there are things about us, about our stories as human that I'm afraid of. I dread some of the things that my pen - which has taken the form of a shovel - unearths about the things that make us human. There is an unveiled darkness, and pain, and hurt in our stories, and it scares me to the bones. Yet, I approach it.

With that said, I’d like to suggest that what readers familiar with my work have applauded for its unrestrained vulnerability is merely me dipping my toes in near-freezing waters. kin.DREAD is me venturing into different territories. It’s me going a step further. It’s me submerging my whole body, diving in, headfirst!

I’d like you, the reader, to consider kin.DREAD a personal invitation to the most intimate parts of my life (and yours). I’d like to invite as many as dare come closer to see the many lives & stories of myself and those closest to me (kin) and the fears (dread) that are even closer than they are.