kin.DREAD is an upcoming book of poems and thoughts, by me -  Ayokunle Falomo, divided appropriately into two sections.

The first section of the book addresses the ones I call kin — my family: nuclear, extended, adopted, and global; while the second section delves into things I’m afraid of — those things that lead me, experiences that drive me (sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully against my will) to that place where I feel nothing but dread.

Interestingly, those two sections intersect more than I want or need them to. The book, then, is an exploration of those two concepts – kinship & dread – independently and jointly.

There’s a line (below) from Anis Mojgani’s poem “Come Closer” that perfectly describes how I understand the connection between these two seemingly unrelated ideas.

I am like you. I too at times am filled with fear.

With this, Anis identifies kinship – our interconnectedness – as I have attempted to do with my work as a poet; and also, acknowledges fear. This exactly is what I’m trying to do with the book: kin.DREAD; to announce that I am like you, and that though fearless I may appear to the rest of the world, those closest to me know that I too, not unlike you & them, am not without fears.

Another poet, Ibiene, in a way that accurately paints a portrait of me, writes:

…I know I say a lot / speak all loud / all bold / all warrior-like / Like a King… / But oft’ times / I be broken / be trying to make sense of it all…

With that said, I’d like to suggest that what readers familiar with my work have applauded for its unrestrained vulnerability is merely me dipping my toes in near-freezing waters. kin.DREAD is me venturing into different territories. It’s me going a step further. It’s me submerging my whole body, diving in, headfirst!

I’d like you, the reader, to consider kin.DREAD a personal invitation to the most intimate parts of my life (and yours). Although not everyone is worthy of that invitation, I’d like to invite as many as dare come closer to see the many lives & stories of myself and those closest to me (kin) and the fears (dread) that are even closer than they are.

As I alluded to earlier, I – unlike what I did (or didn’t do) for the previous collection – will be doing things a little differently for this book. By virtue of what I’m aiming to achieve with this project, there will only be limited copies available! 


What kin.DREAD is not:

another fancy book of poems & thoughts. (how cute!) pretty. or

just merely fancy words on a page.

no, it is not cute. it is not "deep". It is

as raw, as real, as life is. messy.


Poems are great. A collection of poems & thoughts is even more awesome. But this is much more than that!  What I intend to bring to the world with this project is absolutely beyond the book or the poems and thoughts that will make up the content of the book, and  I’d love to have you join me as it all unfolds.

kin.DREAD is for YOU:


if, like me, you have examined (or are willing to examine) your kin & the things that cause you to dread & have found (find) yourself in need of grace & courage!

If you’ve found yourself, as I have, time and time again on that cliff, terrified and are ready to take the plunge, join me, and we’ll do together.


I make no guarantees whether we’ll fly, or  land and crash... but it’ll be worth it, that I can promise!


If you accept the invitation, and you’ll like to be one of the few that gets to join in this experience, & hold a physical copy of the book, click the ACCEPT INVITATION button below or on the home screen to let me know. 

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